Our Church History

Members of the Whiterock community, along with a Dallas Quaker established a population of Black churches in the Texoma area. Whiterock Baptist Church became the mother church to all of the church established and was founded on October 31, 1860. It was located at Grayson County College and Deacons Bill Copeland, Jim Worth and Dick Guess served the church.

In 1891, Rev. Charles Parker and Deacons Albert Kidd, Richard Guess, Henry Lane, Jordan Lane and Dave Mitchell, along with Ministers J.H. Curry, A.R. Griggs, Richard Curry and F.D. David from the Northwestern District Association helped First Missionary Baptist Church become a member of the organization.

The church was first known as St. James Missionary Baptist Church and Rev. Tony Davis was selected as the first pastor. His wife, Della, was elected Church Clerk and the two served in their positions before the church was divided in 1886. In order to retain its ties to the original church, the name was changed to First Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. H. Carr served as the first minister after the split.

Other churches stemming from the mother church are: Harmony Baptist Church -November 1871 (149 years), Bethel Bells Baptist Church – October 1880 (140 years), Samaria Baptist Church – August, 1883 (137 years) and First Missionary Baptist Church – April, 1891.

Some early deacons serving FMBC were Hence Hollie, Abe DeHorney, Charlie Mitchell and King Stephens.

On March 7, 1976, FMBC ordained Rev. Lawrence Gentry and on June 7, 1987 Rev Willie Ballard Sr was ordained. At the time of their ordination, both Gentry and Ballard were under the leadership of Rev. Herman Woods.

On January 2, 1988, Rev. Willie Ballard became the 15th pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church. Under his leadership, Bishop Charles Daniels was ordained in 1995; Rev. Ricky Sommers and Rev. Tony Patterson were officially ordained on Sept. 27, 2009.

In October 1999, a new lot was purchased for a new church sanctuary. With the help and guidance from the previous pastors and members, many improvements have gone towards the church’s transition to its new location.

In January 2020, Reverend Corey Battle was called to serve the church as its 16th pastor.